Observations, tips, tricks and Sonodynamics in officially approved indications for CEUS.

CEUS video gallery

Video samples of CEUS pathology.

CEUS technique with videos

In-depth explanation of CEUS Sonoexams in officially approved indications.

CEUS pitfalls, tips and tricks with videos

Tips and tricks that may be useful to know regarding CEUS of different lesions.

CEUS scanning protocols with videos

Our currently published standardized Sonoexams for officially recognized CEUS indications.

Sono Solo: Onsite CEUS training at your clinic

         We proudly present our cooperation with Dr. Anna-Karin Siösteen-Tofte at Sono Solo.
         Contact Dr. Siösteen-Tofte on Sono solos contact form.

is a "sub-set" of Sonodynamics.net, which promotes Quality Ultrasound by scanning standardization and cine documentation.
Ceusinfo.com presents our observations, tips and tricks based on the experience of thousands of CEUS exams since 2002 at Linköping University Hospital, Sweden, and Copenhagen University Hospital at Herlev, Denmark.

Why standardization of ultrasound exams?
Sonodynamics FAQ.

Sonodynamics fundamentals
In-depth explanation of general Sonodynamics principles.

Read all about Sonodynamics. Why ultrasound needs a new way of thinking.

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